Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Advertising . . . It’s What’s for Dinner :: Personal Narrative Papers

Advertising . . . It’s What’s for Dinner I was putting the finishing touches on the chicken when the doorbell rang. I ran to the table to make sure everything was in place. I wanted tonight to run as smoothly as possible because it isn’t every night that you get to have such internet advertising experts over for dinner. When I opened the door I was surprised to see all three of my guest standing before me. I guess it was coincidence that they all arrived at the very same time, but, nevertheless, they were right on the dot and I welcomed them into my home. After we all made our introductions, I took their coats and gave them a quick tour of my small, but cozy house. I found it funny that even before everyone was formally introduced I clearly could guess the identity of each person. I guessed that the woman in the business suit was Ms. Heim. She works for Media Week magazine and because of her to the point, matter of fact writing style she seems exactly like the type of woman who would have to wear a suit so much that it has become her own fashion statement. But surprisingly, her hair was down and hanging just above her shoulders, softening the official business-look of the suit. Ms. Zeff was more on the casual side wearing a nice sun dress that seemed proper for a woman of her age. The color of the dress was a peachy orange that accented her skin tones and gave her a very warm and loving appearance. Not to mention the wrinkles on her forehead that translated into a woman full of wisdom and knowledge. However, her appearance was not one that you would imagine for a woman of such caliber. But even though she has a PhD1, she refused to be addressed as Dr. Zeff - she simply told us that Robbin or Ms. Zeff would be fine.

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